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Lecture Rooms

The paper presentations will take place at Birkbeck, Clore and Senate House. Due to health and safety regulations the maximum capacity of the rooms should be respected (please check it in the interactive programme - TBA). There will be no signs indicating the location of the lecture rooms, and therefore we advise that you visit the venue in advance.

The opening, keynote and closing talks will take place at the Beveridge Hall of Senate House. The poster sessions will take place at the McMillan and Crush Halls of the Senate House during the 2 days of the 16-17 December 2017. The posters should be displayed only during their assigned session. The authors will be responsible for placing the posters in the poster panel displays. The maximum size of the poster is A0. Chairs are requested to keep the sessions to schedule. Papers should be presented in the order they are listed in the programme for the convenience of attendees who may wish to go to other rooms mid-session to hear particular papers. In the case of a presenter not attending, please use the extra time for a break or a discussion so that the remaining papers stay on schedule.

The lecture rooms will be equipped with a PC and a computer projector. The session chairs should obtain copies of the talks on a USB stick before the session starts (use the lecture room as the meeting place), or obtain the talks by email prior to the start of the conference. Presenters must provide to the session chair with the files for the presentation in PDF (Acrobat) or PPT (Powerpoint) format on a USB memory stick. This must be done ten minutes before each session. The PC in the lecture rooms should be used for presentations. The session chairs are kindly requested to have a laptop for backup. Please note that plugs/power outlets of the UK differ from those in the rest of Europe and beyond. We cannot provide adapters, so please do not forget to take your adapters if needed.

List of Rooms
Birkbeck - Basement Floor
MAL B02   MAL B04   MAL B18   MAL B20   MAL B29   MAL B30   MAL B33   MAL B34   MAL B35   MAL B36   

Birkbeck - Extension First Floor
MAL 151   MAL 152   MAL 153   

Birkbeck - Extension Second Floor
MAL 252   MAL 253   MAL 254   

Birkbeck - Fourth Floor
MAL 402   MAL 414   MAL 415   MAL 416   MAL 421   

Birkbeck - Fifth Floor
MAL 532   MAL 538   MAL 539   MAL 540   MAL 541   

Senate - Ground Floor
G11   Beveridge Hall   Bloomsbury   Gordon   Macmillan Hall and Crush Hall   Macmillan Hall   Montague   G21A   Woburn   G3   G4   G5   

Senate - First Floor
Athlone   Holden   Torrington   Chancellor's Hall   Court   Jessel   Senate   

Senate - Third Floor

Clore - Basement
CLO B01   Foyer   

Clore - First Floor
CLO 101   CLO 102   

Clore - Second Floor
CLO 203   CLO 204   

Clore - Third Floor
CLO 306