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Lecture Rooms

The paper presentations will take place at Birkbeck, Clore and Senate House. Due to health and safety regulations the maximum capacity of the rooms should be respected (please check that on the interactive programme). There will be no signs indicating the location of the lecture rooms, and therefore we advise that you visit the venue in advance and check the location information on the Book of Abstracts, the interactive programme or the website.

The location of the lecture rooms is as follows:

MAL G13, MAL G14, MAL G15, MAL G16Birkbeck - Ground Floor
Elevators to upper roomsBirkbeck - Ground Floor and Extension (elevators)
MAL B02, MAL B04, MAL B18, MAL B20, MAL B35, MAL B36Birkbeck - Basement Floor
MAL 152, MAL 153Birkbeck - Extension First Floor
MAL 251, MAL 252, MAL 253, MAL 254Birkbeck - Extension Second Floor
MAL 351, MAL 352, MAL 353, MAL 354, MAL 355Birkbeck - Extension Third Floor
G11, Beveridge Hall, Bloomsbury, Gordon, Macmillan Hall and Crush Hall, Macmillan Hall, Montague, G21A, Woburn, G3, G4, G5Senate - Ground Floor
Chancellor's Hall, Court, Jessel, SenateSenate - First Floor
SH349Senate - Third Floor
CLO B01, FoyerClore - Basement
CLO 101, CLO 102Clore - First Floor
CLO 203, CLO 204Clore - Second Floor