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  • Book of Abstracts (6.Dec.2021)
  • Access the virtual part (27.Nov.2020)
  • Access the in-person and hybrid part (27.Nov.2020)
  • Social events (27.Nov.2020)
  • Announcements (27.Nov.2020)
  • Professional meetings (27.Nov.2020)
  • Programme (18.Nov.2021)

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    • Your access to the virtual conference is personal and cannot be transferred to anybody else. If you share your credentials and any non-registered participant enters the meeting with them, they will be banned.
    • The conference staff will verify the participants in the Zoom rooms and will delete those who are not identifiable as conference participants and fail to answer the request to identify themselves.


    • The conference is live streaming, and it will not be recorded.
    • The virtual oral presentations will take place through Zoom, while the poster presentations will run in Gather Town.
    • To access or deliver a virtual presentation, please follow the corresponding indications that you will find on this website.



    • On the registration tool, you will find the Zoom and Gather Town passwords to enter either the virtual rooms through Zoom or the networking area through Gather Town.
    • Valid passwords will be available only the day of the test session and during the conference days.
    • The Zoom password is valid for all the Zoom rooms.
    • Both passwords will be updated daily, and possibly during the day if needed, so you will need to get the new ones periodically.
    Conference updates

    Any last-minute change in the programme, such as cancellations, changes of presentation mode, etc. will be announced on Twitter . The conference Tweets can also be found here.


    • All the rooms will be monitored by an “Angel”, a member of the conference staff that you can identify among the participants with the name “Angel” followed by the room number.
    • If you cannot connect to Zoom, please check here.
    • For assistance concerning how Zoom works please see the Zoom tutorials.
    • For assistance concerning audio, video or screen sharing, please see here.
    • If your technical problem persists, you can contact the conference support desk by email.