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    Lecture and quiet rooms

    There are four kinds of rooms: virtual rooms, hybrid rooms, multi-use rooms and quiet rooms.

    • The virtual rooms run exclusively on Zoom (see the virtual area). All the sessions in virtual rooms are fully online, that is, all the participants (speakers, chairs and attendees) are online.
    • The hybrid rooms are associated with both a physical room and a virtual room (see hybrid sessions). In general, they accommodate hybrid sessions where some speakers are in-person and some are online. The attendees can be either in-person or online. Exceptionally, hybrid rooms can be used for fully virtual sessions. This is indicated in the programme by adding "(virtual)" after the session's title.
    • The multi-use rooms are also associated with both a physical room and a virtual room and can accommodate either virtual sessions, hybrid sessions, or fully standard in-person sessions. The in-person session can be run without the need of using the associated Zoom room. However, the chairs of the in-person sessions are advised to run them as hybrid sessions, so that the virtual participants can also attend. The type of session is indicated in the programme after the title of the session.
    • The quiet rooms are S0.13, S2.28, S2.29 and S2.30 (see the location below). The in-person participants can use them to participate in virtual sessions with their laptops and headphones.

    Location of the physical rooms

    The in-person paper presentations will take place at the Strand building and King's building of the King's College London. Both buildings are connected, and they are accessible through the main entrance of the Strand building.

    Due to health and safety regulations, social distance is recommended. Please check the capacities on the interactive programme. There will be no signs indicating the location of the lecture rooms. Therefore we advise that you visit the venue in advance and check the location information on the Book of Abstracts, the interactive programme or in the table below.

    To see the location of the rooms, please log in the registration tool, keep your session open and click on the room name below.

    Venue, DinnerVenues
    K E. Safra (Multi-use 01), K0.19 (Hybrid 04), K0.20 (Hybrid 05), K0.16 (Hybrid 02), K0.18 (Hybrid 03), K0.50 (Hybrid 06)Kings's Building - Level 0
    K2.31 Nash (Hybrid 07), K2.40 (Hybrid 08), K2.41 (Hybrid 09)Kings's Building - Level 2
    S-1.01 (Multi-use 14), S-1.27 (Hybrid 10), S-1.29 (Multi-use 16)Strand Building - Level -1
    S2.29 (Hybrid 12), S2.30 (Hybrid 13), S2.28 (Multi-use 19)Strand Building - Level 2