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Keynote Talks
  • Richard J Smith, University of Cambridge, UK
    CFE 2013 Keynote Lecture: Bootstrap Methods for Moment Condition Models
  • Liberbank keynote talk: Herman K. van Dijk, Erasmus University Rotterdam, VU Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute, The Netherlands
    CFE 2013 Keynote Lecture: Analyzing and Forecasting US Inflation.
  • Marc Hallin, Universit√© Libre de Bruxelle, Belgium
    CFE-ERCIM 2013 Keynote Lecture: Signal Detection in High Dimension: on the asymptotic power of tests of sphericity for high-dimensional data.
  • Peter Green, Universityof Bristol, UK and UTS, Australia.
    ERCIM 2013 Keynote Lecture: Bayesian inference in graphical models
  • Chris Skinner, London School of Economics, UK
    ERCIM 2013 Keynote Lecture: The Use of Survey Weights in Regression Modelling