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    Welcome reception

    The Welcome Reception is open to all preregistered registrants. It will take place at the Great Hall of the King's Building (ground floor) and the Arcade of the Bush House central (ground floor) on Saturday, 17th of December 2022, from 19:30 to 21:00 (GMT). Preregistration is required due to health and safety reasons and the limited capacity. Participants must bring their conference badges to attend the reception. Information about the welcome reception booking is embedded in the QR code on the conference badge.

    Christmas Conference Dinner

    The Christmas Conference Dinner will take place on Sunday, 18th of December 2022 at 20:00 at the Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel. The conference dinner is optional, and registration is required. Participants must bring their conference badges to attend the conference dinner. Information about the purchased conference dinner ticket is embedded in the QR code on the conference badge.

    Virtual networking space: Gather Town
    • The virtual participants can choose to join either the scientific programme or the virtual networking space at any moment during the conference. However, there are specific moments where all the participants are invited to network: the coffee breaks, lunch breaks and the virtual welcome reception on Saturday 18th of December 2021 from 19:30 to 20:00 (GMT).
    • The virtual networking space is built in Gather Town. Gather Town is a video-calling space that allows multiple people to hold separate conversations in parallel, walking in and out of those conversations just as easily as they walk through the virtual spaces of the conference.
    • The virtual networking conference space comprises a hall, two gardens, a lobby with table games and a disco. There are many private networking spaces to sit and chat with your colleagues. Otherwise, you can walk around with your avatar and network with the people you meet.
    • Indications to access the networking space can be found here.