Details for chairs

  1. Follow the instructions provided to the participants to access the programme. Please do that at least 10 minutes before your session starts.
  2. If you are chairing a hybrid session, please read first the indications for hybrid sessions.
  3. Use the Zoom chat to identify yourself as the chair to the “Angel” of the room (conference staff). The Angel will assist you in running the session.
  4. Ask the presenters to identify themselves to make sure that all of them are present and their Zoom names correspond to those in the programme. Otherwise, ask them to change them.
  5. If any speaker is missing or experiencing technical problems, you can proceed to the next speaker and return later to check. Alternatively, you can decide to take a break. However, please note that the time will be lost, and if the missing speaker is available later, there will be no possibility of rescheduling the talk.
  6. Introduce the session and the first speaker. Ask the speaker to share the presentation, start the video and un-mute the micro.
  7. You can decide to keep your camera on or off, but switch off your micro unless you need to make any warning.
  8. Each speaker has 20 minutes for the talk and 3-4 minutes for discussion (unless the chair had previously requested to share the time among more speakers. In this case, they will have 15-18 minutes). Please, warn the presenters for 5 minutes and 1 minute to go.
  9. When the 3-4 minutes discussion pass, invite the audience to continue the discussion in the networking area and proceed with the next speaker.
  10. Please keep the session on time to be able to close it formally. If it has not finished 5 minutes after the official ending, all the participants will be automatically muted. The session will be cut to allow the following session participants' to enter the room.